It is so exciting to see how far our company has come this year. For this I need to thank all of the supporters who have made donations of time, money, and positive energy to the company. I so appreciate it. We have made wonderful new friends (too many to list), and strengthened old friendships (great to see returning supporters at shows)... we have created new dances... presented new performances... added new staff... and a new board of directors!!!!! Busy, busy,busy as ever rehearsing with Kun Yang Lin my old friend, dance partner and new Artistic Associate giving lots of detailed notes. Busy in the studio with the talented choreographers Larry Keigwin, Rachel Cohen, and Janis Brenner. Busy combining contemporary choreography with recreations of Isadora Duncan's work with Catherine Gallant and her company Dances By Isadora. I wrote and rewrote, my myth of the new city under the watchful eye of Rob Friedman, my husband and editor, and my actress/director friend Marisa Sullivan. I set my little tale to video for our NYC performances in collaboration with Jeanne Finnerty and Ed Hanna my great videographer and editor team... Dancing, acting, writing, editing, and running around NYC..."the dancing city" with my family and fellow artists.... So much activity, no wonder the year seemed to fly by! Our CJ/Maps team is excited about expanding our work in 2005.

New Board Memebrs
I am thrilled to welcome David Gray, formerly director of the American Repertory Ballet, and former publicist of the New York City Ballet, as Board Chairman of CJ/Maps. Susan Potto, Andrea Keifer, Joe Kusnan, Jennifer Arcure, and Robert Friedman are members of the board. All of them are dance enthusiasts who bring to our company valuable life experiences in business, work with charitable organizations, interior design, theater, writing and parenting.

New Staff
Sydney Skybetter, came on board CJ/Moving Arts Projects as our Arts Administrative Assistant, and did a super job helping me to organize EVERYTHING especially for our NYC Season, (he is also continuing to introduce me to the wide world of technology and it is as fascinating as it is intimidating...). Ever full of ideas for strengthening this organization, Sydney put together a great survey to help us get better acquainted with CJ/Maps audiences. (I will share the results later in this newsletter) Jessy Smith, my intern extraordinaire, did a little bit of everything from taking notes on meetings, to helping out backstage with fast changes and tech work, to assembling dozens upon dozens of press packets. I am also very fortunate this year to have the gifted choreographer and dancer Kun Yang Lin on my team as my Artistic Associate. I am excited to see what dancing projects will arise from our work together. He is a gifted artist, teacher, choreographer, coach and a true supportive friend. A rare gem in the dance world or anywhere else for that matter.

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