Christine Jowers/Moving Arts Projects connects people to the power of dance through the creation of imaginative performances and innovative movement workshops. The company embraces endeavors that acknowledge the heritage of contemporary dance and highlight its bond to our present.

In performance, one can experience early modern dance masterpieces by the remarkable women pioneers of the 20th century, or be inspired by a contemporary reinterpretation of Isadora Duncan, “The Mother of Modern Dance.” Audiences might also encounter curious terpsichorean “goddesses”, remnants of a lost historical dance/fantasy world. In a cj/MAPs workshop, one might be asked to share the process of creating a dance by working on a group improvisation, or to design a movement ritual celebrating the dancing spirit.

Uniquely collaborative, cj/ MAPs invites accomplished artists from diverse backgrounds in dance and other mediums to contribute their creative visions to each endeavor. The outcome is a distinctive journey honoring dancers, their history, the power of expression, our connection to each other and to the moving arts.


“…Modern dance history was being recreated before our eyes.”
- Dance Express, London, UK

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