AWAKENING THE DANCING GODDESSES OF NYC offers a bit of dance history/fantasy. The Myth of the New City describes a time in New York City-but it could be any city or town-when dance was so vital that everyone performed, choreographed, and improvised as regularly as brushing their teeth.

So what happened?

The goddesses of dance somehow fell asleep on the job.

In these upcoming performances, guest choreographers collaborate with solo artist Christine Jowers to rouse imagined dancing deities in works that are vivid, strange, disturbing, and sometimes silly…but always honest. Contributing artists include choreographers Larry Keigwin, Janis Brenner, and Rachel Cohen; as well as video artists Jeanne Finnerty and Ed Hanna, and costume designers Naoko Nagata, and Liz Prince.

"Christine Jowers is the soloist in an evening of allegorical dance rich with props...Jowers's whiplike body carries off an impressive range of styles,
from meditative to chaotic, flowing to abrupt...In the impassioned finale, Jowers performs [Isadora] Duncan's choreography for "Revolutionary Etude," set to
Scriabin, giving it her own rebel interpretation."
- The New Yorker 2004

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