It is unusual for a dancer (not a choreographer) to create a dance company. Choreographers typically are considered to be the people who have visions and create art, while the dancers are seen, as interpreters, to be simply their tools. While there is some truth to that, in modern dance, and especially solo work, the dancer/choreographer relationship is more complex and collaborative. Dancers lend their vision and imagination to choreographers and both expand or edit their ideas based on their work together. The challenge of the dancer and choreographer is to become each others vision. Working on this "becoming" is the joy of participating in this field.

At Christine Jowers/Moving Arts Projects, I think of the choreographers, dancers, videographers, costume designers, musicians as partners, working together to answer questions and attempting to bring to light what is beautiful or necessary or important. We are a creative community, unusually brought together by the vision of a dancer.

Each CJ/Moving Arts Project starts out with a question or a couple of questions of mine that reflect my passions, interests, and enthusiasms - I am fascinated with our relationship to history, and the intermingling of the past and present, as well as the stories of dancers and their creative process - and then evolves, becoming the questions and ideas of all of the artists involved. I endeavor to create projects that inspire my audience to question and discover, to be engaged in life, and to get up and move.

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