The goal of Christine Jowers/Moving Arts Projects Community Outreach Classes and Workshops is to connect people to the art of dance and inspire them to action. Reaching out to its audience innovatively cj/MOVING ARTS PROJECTS invites them into the process of making dance and performing. Dance creation and dance history are experienced through active participation.
45 minutes to 1 hour
(geared to ages 5 through 100+)
This special workshop-performance created and performed in collaboration with Catherine Gallant/Dances by Isadora, introduces the audience to the work and life of Isadora Duncan, The Mother of Modern Dance. Catherine Gallant/Dances by Isadora present beautifully recreated works of this fascinating artist while Christine Jowers performs as the voice of the modern world, acting as an excited artistic time traveler, winding her way- through dance and text- in, out, and around Isadora Duncan. INTERACTIVE ISADORA illustrates Isadora’s impact on the artistic world by taking the audience on a journey from the early 1900’s to the present day. The audience is invited to participate in the excursion by literally getting up and dancing. This workshop-performance is designed for both formal (theaters) and informal (community center/dance studios) settings.
45 minutes to 1 hour
(geared to ages 5-12 and their grown-ups)
Christine Jowers performs choreography from her repertory and invites the audience to talk, sing, improvise, perform, and choreograph with her. Ms. Jowers engages children and their families by sharing her experiences of learning and performing dances with them. She draws the audience inside the process of creation and introduces “the magic of everyday” as dance. The movement of the playground, of the oceans, of balloons, animals, and flowers are the “start of art”. Dance isn’t only for the professional artists; it is for everybody!
1 to 2 hour workshop
(geared to adult, non-dancers-ages 13 and up)
Similar to the Moving Kids Salon in its informality, Christine Jowers performs excerpts from her repertory and invites the audience to participate in a discussion of what they see. This Moving Salon was created to help people understand modern dance and feel comfortable interpreting it in their own way. Christine answers the often- asked question, of modern dance audiences, “ What are you trying to say?” Viewers are also offered opportunities to move and create depending on their comfort level.
1 to 2-hour workshop
(designed for serious dance students of all levels)
Christine Jowers leads an exploration into the art of solo dancing. Dance possesses an inner logic that is revealed in performance. The work and art of the solo dancer is to connect to the internal line or spirit of the movement and reach the audience. Through improvisation as well as the creative exploration of excerpts of cj/MOVING ART PROJECTS repertory, students are encouraged to delve into movement, transcend the steps, and discover the poetry inherent in choreography. This workshop can also be used to study/coach/ and develop students’ performances of their own choreography.

1 to 2-hour workshop
(designed for women ages 13 and up)
Christine Jowers leads participants in a moving story circle. She asks, “ What does dance mean to you?” “What role has it played in your life?” “ How can we use movement creation and the power of dance help to enrich our spirit as women?” In this workshop that celebrates the individual, every class member is a teacher. Together, through storytelling, improvisation and creation of simple movement rituals, the group comes to a new awareness and appreciation of the strength of a dancing spirit. Participants are asked to bring an object that means something to them- such as a picture, piece of clothing, or music- which will be used as a starting point for exploration. This workshop can be presented in community centers, women’s shelters, and senior centers.

Depending on the program presenters choose, cj/MAPs can also offer traditional classes in the technique and repertory of Isadora Duncan, Limon technique, and body conditioning.

  “ I think once people experience the pure pleasure of using their body to invent, build, and communicate they are on their way to discovering abundant possibilities in their lives. Dance teaches us an appreciation of ourselves and what we can accomplish. It helps us immediately sense, right to our core, how creativity and imagination can be made REAL.”
- Christine Jowers
  2005 Moving Arts Projects | Design: